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International Health Expo Hong Kong is interactive, diverse, and pioneering, completely different from the trade shows you have visited before. The newly launched products have made breakthroughs and enabled the business to flourish.
Why participate in our exhibition?
Come here to learn, share, educate, search for over 3000* products, meet with over 800* international suppliers, and establish connections with your industry.
Choose new products
We are involved in natural and organic industries around the world, bringing the latest and best products.
Global Market Overview
Looking around, we have had conversations with hundreds of exhibitors from abroad, many of whom are innovators and leaders in key overseas markets.
Understand the market
By participating in our seminar, we gain a deeper understanding of the legitimacy and importance of ecological living, food technology, personal care, and beauty.
Understanding the Future
One of the most forward-looking exhibitions in Asia, keeping abreast of constantly changing consumer demands and market developments.
Expand your network
Various participants, including associations, non-governmental organizations, and opinion makers, were gathered in a series of online activities.
*: Expected quantity
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